About Tony



When choosing a dentist, you want someone who is experienced and has the expertise to perform the treatment with comfort and confidence. Dr. Tony Callis has been practising in Bunbury for 30 years and he is a graduate of Manchester University in England. After graduating, Tony worked in the dental hospital in Newcastle upon Tyne in England and then went into private practice. Tony emigrated to Australia in 1987 and after running two practices in Perth, Tony moved to Donnybrook first and later bought the current Bunbury practice.


With the establishment of Tony Callis Dental Surgery in 1990, Tony has been able to continue his commitment to dentistry in an environment that aims to provide the best in patient care. Tony enjoys all aspects of general dentistry, but regards one of the best aspects of his work as watching families grow and looking after them through their many ages and stages. He also loves creating great healthy smiles, and regards communication with patience as the key aspect in getting results that make patients healthy and happy.


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