Endodontic Treatment

​​The aim of endodontic treatment (also called 'root canal treatment') is to save a tooth that has been badly damaged due to decay, disease or injury.  Symptoms of a tooth that may require this type of treatment include pain, sensitivity to heat or cold, tooth discolouration  and soreness or swelling in the gums surrounding the tooth.  The pulp of the tooth becomes severely inflammed or infected and if not treated severe pain and abscesses (infection at the end of the roots) can occur.

To treat the tooth an opening through the tooth is made to access the pulp.  Using special instruments your dentist will remove the inflammed or infected pulp.  Each root canal is cleaned, enlarged and shaped.  Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial medicines are placed and left inside the root canal for a number of weeks to help stop the inflammation and infection.

At the next appointment, each canal is cleaned, dried and filled with a material called 'gutta percha', to protect the inside of the tooth and prevent further infection.

We may reccommend you have the root canal treated tooth crowned to improve it's strength and decrease the risk of the tooth fracturing.



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